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this is my dedicated tutorials and how-to’s page of projects and ideas that I struggled to find online for myself to use, so I created this page to help others. Enjoy.

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About My Site

My Name is Chris and this will be the website for my tutorials and art work. I am currently learning photoshop and Corel Draw anything that I make will be showcased here…

The secret of success

I am Keen to learn and I cannot wait to share my success on my new website.

Cookies, What Cookies?

Currently I do not advertise or market anything that is not my own product or service, this means that I do not use any marketing cookies nor do I access any cookies on your device to track what your current shopping obsessions are. so enjoy our advert free website.

Note: No cookies were harmed in the making of this site.

Photo by Christina Branco on Unsplash